Deliver maximum physical and mental support to the intellectually disabled children to adjust themselves to live in the society with their support.We are helping in such a way that they don't feel their disabilities.

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we use all the modern technologies and teaching method to habilitate the intellectually disabled children to the best of our ability,helping them to be an independent they could be.we strine for a better tomorrow for all intellectually disabled children.

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Getting involved in our charity trust , screening and assessment(I.Q and skill bahaviour areas), Special Education-Ecology based curriculum, Habilitation Services-Therapeutics like Physio,Speech,Occupational,Yoga,Music and Play., Medical Intervention,

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Every charity exists to raise money for its cause through fundraisers but there is more to charity work than calling door to door rattling your tin! Fundraisers, or trust fundraisers, will have to apply for funding from large organisations by putting together funding proposals.

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Volunteer managers tend to be responsible for recruiting interview.

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Many nonprofit groups exist to serve the public good, including providing healthcare, counseling and shelter. These organizations are tax-exempt due to the relief and assistance they provide, which in turn saves the government money.We are one of them.

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Several nonprofits function to improve education.Education is a part of very children. We provide a good education to the children who are mentally handicapped. The teaching faculty of our school gives a high recommended education to the children.

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for those helpless childrens who need it

Our Mission

Caring Of Mentally Handicapped Children

Our work is driven by a passionate belief that we all have a responsibility to protect mentally handicapped students.

Providing Good Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which can you can use to change the world. We make our children bright future.

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Special Education Interventions

special education may be best described as a purposeful intervention designed to overcome or eliminate the obstacles that keep children's with disabilities from learning.

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