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Who we are

The idea of Manovikas School Of Mentally Handicapped Children was intiated by a person Jacob D. He thought to give a better education to the mentally handicapped children living in the village side. So he started a school in 1994 June 06 at village Palliserikal Sathamcotta, Kollam District with the technical support of National Institute of Mentally Handicapped(NIMH) Hyderabad. The NIMH sponsered two assistant directors for the assessment of mentally handicapped children. At the begining, their consist of 15 children who resides in the nearby village. After one month from 15 children increases to 39 children, from nearby village and other place. After one year it become 108 children from different parts of Kerala. In 1996, it will undertaken as a trust name Manovikas Trust. The trust members includes family members of students in that school. In 1998, the Manovikas trust started a school at Puthoor named Manovikas Special School. 56 students are now in Puthoor above 18 years. Manovikas Trust intiated a special school in 10 villages.